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Models Wanted

We are constantly looking for new faces and types for photo and video production. No experience necessary. We will do our best to provide a relaxed atmosphere and an extremely respectful attitude to each model.

You do not need to be tall or thin. Any age – older people are welcome. It is important that you have a real and great smile and a desire to learn. You will be trained how to pose and change different emotions and work in front of the camera.

What will you get from this

You will receive high quality professional photos which you can use for your portfolio. Your photos will receive international exposure, and we will provide excellent recommendations.

We need models of all ages, and with any background:

Children (infants to teens)

Young Adults

Adults (30+)


Professionals – for on location shoots

Doctors, builders, welders, warehouse workers, etc.

Teachers + class

Groups (2+)

Families (parents + children)


Couples (Friend / Girlfriend, Same-Sex Partners, Husband / Wife)

Sports Teams

How to apply

To become our model just send us some photos or a link to your web page. To increase your chances to be selected read the following tips:

- Presented photos should be not blurry (in focus), so that your face can be clearly seen. It is necessary to see your face from the front and from the side. At least one photo where you smile. Also one full body shot in ordinary clothes.

- Tell us a little about yourself, the age, where you come from and what talents / hobbies (for example, sports, dancing, cooking, etc.). Your experience in photography, video or acting.

Send your materials to:

**All our models must sign the International Model Release **

Model Release is an official agreement between the model and the photographer about the use of images where the model appears. When a model signs Model Release, he or she acknowledges that images with him / her can be used for commercial purposes around the world. Also the document protects the model from misuse of photographs.

Most professional models sign the Model Release regularly throughout their activity, but for new models this aspect may seem a little uncertain. When you are asked to sign the Model Release, be sure to read the document and ask any questions that may arise. Despite the fact that the Model Release is written in a very formal language, try to remember that basically it’s just a contract that formally allows a photographer to use the pictures that he takes with you.